Heavy Duty Mobile Teardown Tables

All WEN Industries mobile teardown tables are constructed from heavy duty thick gauge steel. Each table is equipped with industrial grade bar grating and an expanded metal liner for catching nuts, bolts, washers, etc., a 3/4" drain with brass ball valve is included. Convenient working height. Heavy duty caster wheels allow our tables to easily move through any dismantling bay. Made in the USA.


All tables include removable bar grading, metal screen, and built in drain with ball valve.

WEN 500MT – Mobile Teardown Work Table 48"x48"

WEN 501MT – Mobile Teardown Work Table 60"x36"

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WEN 502MT – Mobile Teardown Work Table 72"x36"

WEN 506 – Mobile Teardown Work Table with Fork Channels 6'x10'x2'

WEN 502MT Our Largest Teardown Table - 6'x10'x2'
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