WEN's Portable Pump Units

WEN's portable pump units easily mount to a 30 or 55 gallon drum. Optional wheel dolly.

WEN 600 – Portable Diaphragm Pump Unit with antifreeze wand to pierce bottom radiator hose for fast removal of automotive coolant. 
                  Hose included.

WEN 601 – Same as WEN 600, except for handling oils, transmission, power steering, and brake fluid. Hose included.

*55 gal drum is shown for advertising purposes only.


WEN's Transfer Only Systems

WEN 502TS – Transfer Only with Heavy Duty 12v Rotary Vane Pump

WEN 503TS – Transfer Only with Heavy Duty 115v Rotary Vane Pump

WEN 504TS – Transfer Only with Heavy Duty 3/4" Diaphragm Air Pump

• For oils, gasoline or diesel fuels
• Filters gas or diesel
• Separates water & sediment
• Grounded heavy duty hoses
• Durable cart constructed of 1" square heavy duty steel tubing
• Automatic nozzle for dispensing
• 12' Siphon hose/ 10' Refill hose
• Optional flow meter
• Made in the USA

WEN's Fluid Extractors

Suitable for all types of fluids including engine oil, transmission and brake fluids. Lightweight, functional, and easy to use!
7400 – Fluid Extractor Made of
Durable Polyethylene
7201 – Fluid Extractor Evacuates and Dispenses 7300 – Pneumatic Fluid Extractor

fluid extractor 7400

fluid extractor 7201

fluid extractor 7300